Thursday, September 11, 2008

Terrorist cat

Some of you might see the title of this post and chuckle inside. Why? Because we have all seen or heard of the wily cat that would strike from nowhere and vanish as quickly. Most of the time this makes me laugh because our cat freaks out and hops all over the place when he does his little sniper attack. Today, however, I realized that our cat is a terrorist bent on the destruction of America. You might be asking yourself how I determined this fact and to put your curiosity at ease, I will explain. The first sign of terrorist ties our feline shows is a black mask. Most terrorists wear a black mask to hide their faces. Our cat was born with a black mask, definitely bred for terrorism. The most obvious way to tell our cat is a terrorist is his apparent disdain for America. This morning, as our children were learning geography, the cat came out of nowhere and started attacking the west coast. This was an obvious planned assault. As the country was regrouping, after the terrorist cat moved off into the Pacific somewhere, I thought to myself, "I can't believe I own a cat who hates the U.S." Just then, the cat strikes again out of thin air. I feel bad for California and Oregon. It must be rough being devoured by a giant, terrorist cat.


The Kid said...

That's funny. You must have one strange cat, and one sweet daughter, hehe.

Steven said...

Yikes! I better be careful...I live on the West Coast! I had no idea there was a cat that had it in for us! At least he's only gone after California and Oregon so far. I hope Washington is safe?