Saturday, November 1, 2008

Boys need dads

While driving home day-before-yesterday I received an interesting text message from my wife. It went something like this, "Matthew decided to shave his mustache... side to side. Lots of blood. Love you more!" The phrase 'lots of blood' piqued my curiosity. Of course I called my wife back ready to be directed to the emergency room where my third son would be having his face reattached. Of course it was a very minor, superficial cut that bled a lot. No big deal.

This got me thinking, however, that Matthew (5) knew I shaved my face every day and wanted to be like me. The problem? I have never shown Matthew how to shave, or any of my boys for that matter. How many other things have I not taught my children that they will one day have to know how to do? Hundreds probably. Boys definitely need dads.

I find it interesting that this stems from our need, as men, for our heavenly father. God is the ultimate Dad and the One we look to to learn how we are supposed to "shave" without cutting ourselves. As far as teaching my boys, I must admit, I have been lax. It is hard, with 5 boys, to teach each one of them what they need to know to be a young man and, eventually, a father. I don't want pity and I am not making excuses. I just need to focus and do better. I, along with all other men, need to take the time, expend the effort, and get off our butts to educate the next generation of men. I am always amazed at how closely my boys watch what I do... all the time. They want to do what I do, say what I say, and act how I act. Every minute I need to be aware that I am teaching them how to be men.

I challenge myself, and all who read this post, buck up. Become aware of the example you set. Take the time to teach your son, or sons, that shaving side to side is stupid.

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