Saturday, October 18, 2008

Vacation is over!

So I finished IFS (Introductory Flight Screening) last week. This is the first part of flight school the Navy puts you through to see if you have the monkey skills required to fly. Turns out I have a knack for it, like a born natural, like someone else who wears red and blue tights (see previous post).

While in IFS, my life was pretty much a vacation. Flying almost every day and only working 3-4 hours a day, all the while getting paid, seemed almost too good to be true... and it was. So now I start API (Aviation Pre-Indoctrination) on Thursday. It is six weeks long and lots of intense studying and book work, yipee.

While in IFS, I took some short videos on two of my solos and put some music to it. It is very exciting and I hope you enjoy my video editing genius. That's all for now. Tune in next time for some more extra-super cool blog business.


Novelist said...

Impressive, however, you do know that you are superman only with the aid of a man-made machine. There is one who flies without that aid. He is called your Brother-In-Law. Of course landing is a bit rough without the parachute he tells me.

Uncle Marc said...

Way cool nephew! I'll for ward this to the boys. Give my love to the fam!

skyler said...

hey dude... this is your cuz Skyler. i guess being a superman enthusiast is in the blood! That youtube video totally rocks. A pilot and cameraman all in one... hope all is well. I'm so proud